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During this unprecedented time of the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, 3D Medical Supply brings cutting-edge technology and innovative engineering to assist in the crisis.

By working with our partners, we have designed a flexible nasal swab to assist healthcare institutions in the fight against Covid-19. In concert with 3D Printing Tech, LLC, with an FDA Owner Operator # 10075173, an established manufacturer specializing in the mass production of 3D Nasopharyngeal (NP) Swabs, we introduce our trademark pending NPSFlex™ swab. The NPSFlex™ features a printed bendable collection tip used to collect optimal specimens for COVID-19 diagnostic testing.

In 2021, the FDA granted us authorization to manufacture our own viral transport medium (VTM).

Our 3DVTM01 Transport Medium was developed per the CDC Preparation of viral transport medium, 2020 DSR-052-05 to stabilize viral components and suppress microbial contamination while maintaining the viability of clinical specimens, such as COVID-19.  Thus, rendering a solution that maintains the sample integrity from collection to transport and processing.


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